Creating a website in 15 seconds

by Rita Nguyen

Just read about a new service called which allows for incredibly quick webpage creation. I certainly do not need yet another publishing platform but it has a tremendous amount of potential for the non-techies in my life (read: sisters). I created the below in under 30 seconds.

Once they add a few features, like URL mapping and content syndication, I suspect I would be on here far more often. The publishing is so straight forward that I can see the masses liking this more than something like a Tumblr.

One thing, they should simplify their initial instructions for video embedding: To insert a video place the “:video tag (without quotation marks) There’s clearer ways to handle that, especially if you are talking to the tech-challenged.

Create your own here:

Side note: I’m not sure about this product name/URL. It’s one letter away from a very embarrassing typo I almost made.