PicMonkey & Vine

by Rita Nguyen

Recently, I decided to do my semi-regular sweep for tech tools I need in my life. Because tech moves so quickly, I always try to do this every couple of weeks so I can stay on top of the industry and also just try cool shit.  

This time around, I found PicMonkey, my new favourite Chrome Extension. After a 2 second installation, I can now pick any picture on any website and then edit and post the image within minutes.  Amaze-balls!

Try PicMonkey here

Yesterday Twitter was all abuzz with Vine so of course I was eager to test it out.  After a quick download and sign up (nicely done guys!), I started my first video. After about two seconds I could see the potential but also the vast amount of work it would require for most mini-videos.  I’ve never been much of a YouTube junkie so finding a social community that was making shorter videos that mostly look like animated gifs really didn’t thrill me.  I will keep looking at it over the next couple of days but suspect this one won’t be on rotation for me.