The secret to success for women in businesss?

by Rita Nguyen

Over the past few years, I’ve have the enormous pleasure of meeting many strong and successful women business leaders in Asia. I’ve been reflecting on this topic lately as I’ve more recently become friends with some women whom I think stand out as spectacular role models of how success can and should look for the rest of us to aspire to.  More specifically, what makes them so special in my estimation is that I have rarely seen successful business women enjoy the ride so thoroughly. They’re great, they know they’re great and there isn’t an angry edge with them that is common with women at the top.  While all of these women would never be considered anyone’s fool – there is obviously an iron core running through them – there’s a warmth and approachability to them. They love to laugh, tell bawdy jokes and dance into the wee hour of the morning. They show off pictures of their beautiful kids, have hobbies & interests outside of work and yet respond to emails, follow up on commitments and have absolutely no false ego. These ladies are positive and encouraging and most importantly, don’t carry any kind of chip on their shoulder.

The other, really bizarre commonality – they all have two sons.  Without exception the women I’m thinking of have this one common quality!  Women such as Sylvia from Frontier, Zinmar at KBZ, Thiri from Sandanila, Amy from NetSmart and of course my sister Rose at Maxus.  How very odd!! That’s not to say that I’m going to run out and try to get pregnant anytime soon but seems like it may be an idea to consider for those younger ladies starting out in their careers…(probably doesn’t need to be said but I was just kidding about that last part).