2015 wrap up

by Rita Nguyen

I write one of these every year and usually it comes really easily to me.  But I’ve been mulling over this particular wrap up for days and still am not entirely sure how to view 2015. Generally I can look at the past 12 months and give it a grade but 2015 was just all over the place.

One one hand, I launched a second company, met some incredible people and overall got my life back on track which was no easy feat given what 2014 looked like. I’m proud of my accomplishments and recognize that there’s been a lot of significant milestones. I’ve done things that that I didn’t think could do again and overcame a hell of a lot of insecurities and fears to get back on the entrepreneur train. All good things.

And yet, 2015 probably saw me do more things that I regret than at any other time in my life. I don’t normally live with regrets, what a useless emotion but as I sit and write this,  I also know that 2015 will leave more scars than I care to admit. But I also know that scars are character building and the lessons learned are important. The below is also an important reminder to find peace with 2015.


Those who know me, know how much I love the Christmas season. And there’s nothing as rejuvenating as going home and surrounding yourself with people who love you. This week has given me more clarity and balance than I’ve had all year. I can literally feel the stress melt away as I sip on eggnog lattes, eat gingerbread and catch up with people who have known me for decades.


Now is not the time for regrets. Now is a time for peace and joy. A time to reflect on all those who entered into my life, however briefly, to share a story, a laugh, a tear. To all my friends and readers, I hope you have a beautiful Christmas full of love and laughter and a 2016 that is successful and full of rich experiences.